Waterlogged: You Don’t Need a Flood to Need Flood Insurance

By The Reschini Group

Waterlogged – Why you may need flood insurance.

It’s truly amazing – not to mention frustrating, infuriating, and expensive – the havoc that can result when two little molecules of hydrogen get together with one little molecule of oxygen.

Water.  An essential element of life.  Also a fairly ubiquitous troublemaker, when it comes to protecting property and assets.

When most people hear the term “flood insurance,” it conjures images of widespread devastation, or at least a local stream or river cresting over its banks to reach homes or businesses.  But whether or not you live or own property in an official flood plain, when water ends up where it doesn’t belong, the damage can be just as, well, damaging.

A municipal water main may break, with hundreds of gallons of water suddenly gushing into your basement.  An above-ground pool can collapse, sending waves of water into your home.  Even mudslides caused by excessive rainfall or other unexpected releases of water can wreak devastation on property.

The bottom line remains this: You don’t need an actual flood to need flood insurance.  Any of the above examples of unleashed water that causes damage could represent cases where having adequate flood insurance would minimize out-of-pocket recovery costs.

Don’t let water be the reason your insurance coverage is all wet.  The professionals at The Reschini Group can help you determine whether flood insurance is a smart option for your particular situation.  Contact us at 724-349-1300 to set up a time to talk.

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