The Reschini Blog: Cyburgh Event Offers Cybersecurity Insight

The Reschini Group prides itself on offering pertinent, credible, practical guidance to its business customers regarding the constant threat of cyber crime.  With a presence in One Gateway Center in Downtown Pittsburgh, our firm remains connected to the city’s growing reputation as a center of cybersecurity advances and trends.

One of those premier cybersecurity-related events is “Cyburgh,” an annual conference of national and international experts, sponsored by the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC).

According to the PTC, vulnerability affects the bottom line of the region’s businesses.  The Cyburgh initiative aims to advance Pittsburgh as an internationally recognized leader in cybersecurity.  Through presentations and idea exchanges, Cyburgh is a forum for cybersecurity professionals to engage with and learn from peers, thought leaders, and solution providers.

Now in its sixth year, Cyburgh is a virtual event, scheduled this year in three sessions from May 25 through May 27.  Participants will learn from thought leaders and subject matter experts from Pittsburgh and beyond. The focus will be on the business and strategic areas that leaders and technical professionals need to know about.

The event is geared toward Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Practitioners, Business Leaders, and IT Managers in corporate, small business, academic, and non-profit organizations who want to gain vital insight about protecting their enterprises and mitigating risk.

Cybersecurity remains an ongoing issue for businesses of all sizes, in all markets, and across all industries.  Our team offers expert advice on protecting our customers through the proper insurance packages.  Events like Cyburgh open the door to a wider, deeper exploration of the many tentacles of cybersecurity, and we encourage all business owners to take full advantage of this special event.

You can register for Cyburgh 2021 at:

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