Crying Over Spilled Milk

The Importance of Commercial Auto Coverage

By The Reschini Group

Milk.  Nature’s perfect food, they told us.  Pure and pasteurized, smooth and silky, nothing could be safer or more benevolent, right?  Not necessarily.

Things change when accidents happen. Be sure your coverages are adequate.
Things change when accidents happen. Be sure your coverages are adequate.

Say a refrigerated tanker, transporting thousands of gallons of milk, loses control, tips over an embankment and ruptures, spilling that truckload of milk into a nearby stream.  At that point, our old friend milk officially becomes a pollutant.  It has gone somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

While that may sound like an extreme example, it is nonetheless absolutely accurate.  Those same standards apply to trucks carrying materials not nearly as harmless as milk, too.  In the oil and gas industry, for example, that could include any waste materials or supplies required for drilling, and scores of other liquids and solids hauled by ground transportation.

Should materials somehow enter waterways or seep into groundwater tables from accidents and spills, pollution coverage – officially tagged as an Auto Pollution Broadening Endorsement – must be in place for the company transporting those materials.  The Auto Pollution Broadening Endorsement provides safeguards and the financial support to satisfy reclamation costs and other expenses resulting from such incidents.

And here’s the kicker – if a company does not have this coverage, all of those costs may have to be covered out of pocket, potentially making a very sizeable dent in bottom-line financial performance.

It’s a simple fix.  Adding the Auto Pollution Broadening Endorsement now is a quick, low-cost way to avoid a lot of pain later.  The Reschini Group can help take care of this right now, so contact us to learn more.

Then you can relax with a nice cold glass of milk.

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