Focus on Safety: The Value of a Safety Culture

Periodically, The Reschini Group will focus on a particular topic related to Risk Management or Employee Benefits issues. This month, we focus on safety. Read on, and be sure to check out the resources available through the links.

By Mike Drew, The Reschini Group

The insurance industry runs on a recognition of risk, how to protect yourself from it, minimize it, and recover from any negative effects stemming from it.

A key to managing risk effectively for organizations and individuals can be found in establishing and strengthening a true, workable, functioning and ever-deepening safety culture. The Reschini Group is especially qualified to help your business in this essential area.

We do this through a variety of safety-related resources for customers to access, including:

  • Video of a special safety webinar (click to receive a password to view)
  • Links to multiple industry-generated articles about safety
  • An in-house resource of safety consultants to serve as an extension of your risk management efforts, offering tangible and effective support, such as:
    • ISNetWorld, Avetta, and other contractor management tool experience to help keep you working.
    • Help you to stay informed and in compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.
    • Audits of commercial vehicle practices and CDL drivers, within the context of DOT regulations, to minimize risks.
    • Communication and support during the incident resolution process, including root-cause investigations, return to work assistance and corrective actions trainings.
    • Training programs in OSHA compliance, first aid and CPR, aerial work platforms, and more.
    • Creating customized safety programs.
    • Conducting third-party on-site audits

What’s more, The Reschini Group provides professional consultation as a part of your dedicated service plan.  That means you have access to safety services and resources from our local professionals at no additional fee.  This feature, combined with all of the offerings listed here, puts our dedication to your safety culture a cut above most other providers.  It’s that important.

The professionals at The Reschini Group can offer guidance related to all things safety.  Contact Mike Drew or Chris Kuhar at 724-349-1300 to set up a time to talk.

More About Safety

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Get: Our Introduction to Safety brochure
Watch: Our webinar “Building a Safety Culture” (password is safety)

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