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Control the Variables: Keeping Workers Comp Costs In Line

Workers Compensation sounds pretty cut-and-dried, right?  Your rate – determined by the state where your company is located and the type of business – gets multiplied by your total payroll and then divided by 100. But then modifiers enter the

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Reprise: C’mon Back – Establishing a Quality Return-to-Work Program

By The Reschini Group College Homecomings.  Family Reunions.  These events remain popular because they bring people back.  When you share an experience together, you want to be around those people again.  It’s always good to come on back. While perhaps

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Tattoo You:

Understanding the Effect of Experience Modifiers By Mike Drew, The Reschini Group  Lots of people like tattoos.  Some commemorate a key life event, others a sentimental symbol.  It doesn’t matter what a tattoo looks like, how big or small it

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