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A Driving Force: Selecting Safe Drivers for Your Business

Anyone behind the wheel – for any purpose, whether the employer or employee owns, rents, or leases the vehicle – during work hours is considered a driver for the company.  It remains imperative, then, for employers to do everything possible

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Plugging the Gap: The Need for Drive-Other-Car Coverage

By The Reschini Group If you take five seconds to think about it, the number of vehicles on the road at any given moment is absolutely staggering.  Then think of the various types of drivers, the owners of those vehicles,

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Getting Short-Sheeted: Reviewing MSAs for Coverage Gaps

By The Reschini Group Hurrying through the department store, you grab a set of bedsheets on sale, only to get home and realize they’re queen-size sheets and you have a king-size bed.  You paid for sheets, all right, but they

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Watch Those Assumptions

Understanding Excess vs. Umbrella Coverage By Kitti Peters, The Reschini Group Assumptions can be tricky. You really need to slow down, look at the situation, and make sure you fully understand all the signals before taking action. Otherwise, you could

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