Benefits Blog: Protecting Your Online Identity

When are you not you?

When hackers and other malicious parties steal your identity online, that’s when.  Identity theft occurs when others obtain and use your personal information without your permission.  Once this information has been acquired, thieves can use your existing credit cards or open new ones in your name, write bad checks, take out loans, and generally ruin your credit and reputation.

Once the theft has been spotted and reported, significant damage may – and most likely will – have been done.

Beyond taking the obvious precautions, another way to safeguard yourself from the impact of identity theft is to secure the proper identity theft insurance coverage.

Identity theft insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy or added as endorsement to existing homeowners or automobile insurance coverage.  Even though identity theft insurance does not protect against the cost of the actual theft, it offers a relatively inexpensive option that will cover the cost of reclaiming your identity, to include such items as:

  • Phone call charges, photocopying costs, and postage fees.
  • Salary loss due to uncompensated time off from work.
  • Legal fees.

Another attractive feature of this special coverage is that you can gain access to a fraud specialist who can provide valuable assistance in restoring your good name and protecting your identity.  This service is part of the reimbursement offer for expenses associated with credit restoration, as well.

Make sure you are always you.  Protect yourself from identity theft and the financial fallout it wreaks.  Contact the Benefits Team at The Reschini Group for more information.

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