Image Insurance: Protection through Personal Injury Coverage

By Mike Drew, The Reschini Group

As the old saying goes, “In the end, all a person really has is his good name.”


Keeping that good name from being sullied, damaged, or destroyed would make perfect sense, then.  In addition to the expected ways of building and protecting an image or reputation, though, another method exists – and it’s available through insurance.

Personal Injury insurance protects people and organizations from events or actions that can damage reputations.  This includes things like false arrest that gets reported on the news, articles that slander, examples of defamation of character, even cyber-bullying that causes damage to the ability to generate revenue and make a living.

When most insurance holders think of their homeowner’s policy, they assume it’s there to cover losses from physical damage to parts of a home, or when a visitor gets injured while on the policyholder’s property – and that’s an accurate understanding of homeowners’ coverage.  But Personal Injury coverage can be added to a homeowners’ policy, extending protection from when damage is done to an image or reputation.

You work hard to promote a solid reputation, but events and actions can happen that cause harm.  Restoring your good name takes effort and focus, but having Personal Injury coverage can make that restoration process a little easier to take financially.

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