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Filling Gaps: Errors & Omissions for Contractors

At first blush, the very term “general liability” might strike you as a big enough blanket to cover just about any ordinary event from a insurance standpoint.  After all, “general” is right there in the name, right? Well, not so

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Not Quite Enough: General Liability Insufficient for Cyber Coverage

Take a look at your business’ general liability insurance policy, and you’ll probably see a reference to property damage.  To the uninitiated, that sounds like it covers a multitude of potential events – even an online hack or attack, right?

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Make No Mistake: Best EPLI Coverage Gained as a Standalone Policy

You can’t be kind of pregnant.  You can’t be kind of deceased.  With some of life’s developments, you really don’t have a choice.  It’s all or nothing. But in others, the choice remains open – yet, it might be best

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