To the Rescue: The Value of Personal Umbrella Coverage

By The Reschini Group

Have you ever been caught outside in a downpour?  A real soaker?  The kind where the rain is coming down so hard and fast, that a standard-sized umbrella simply isn’t enough to keep you completely dry?

That’s when you wish you had one of those big golf umbrellas, with a wingspan so wide that no amount of rain could get any part of you damp or soggy.

You can think of personal insurance coverage in much the same way.

Most individuals have what they consider to be sufficient coverage against automobile accidents, injuries suffered in the home, and so forth.  And that might be accurate in some cases.  But too many people never realize the level of liability they could face until it happens, and they discover that their coverage may not extend as far as they need.

They could have used a larger umbrella.

The aptly named Personal Umbrella policy provides the extended coverage the policyholder needs when the first line of insurance gets exhausted, but more exposure remains.  Say a policyholder is at fault for a multi-vehicle accident where a fatality has resulted.  It will not take long for any baseline coverage to meet its maximum limits – then what?  There are more expenses, including medical bills, car repairs or replacements, demands for restitution from the victims, and more.

With adequate Personal Umbrella coverage, those responsibilities could be met without needing to worry.  What’s more, Personal Umbrella insurance is generally affordable, when considering the benefit it represents should it be called into service.  A relatively small price to pay for a larger umbrella – and peace of mind.

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