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The Reschini Blog: The Pros and Cons of PTO

In the ever-shifting world of people management, the discretion over when time away from the job is justified has long been a source of friction and compromise.  What is vacation?  What is a sick day?  What is an emergency?  And

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The Reschini Benefits Blog: Total Compensation Statements

For many employees, the paycheck represents the sum total of how their employer compensates them.  But in many cases, that’s not the complete picture. From the employer’s perspective, the benefits package offered to their workers may be quite substantial, but

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The Reschini Blog: Workers’ Comp and the Pandemic

Believe it or not, 2020 may not have been such a bad year for workers’ compensation insurers and insureds after all. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) looked at results through the third quarter of 2020 and extended those

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Benefits Blog: Are you an ALE?

The definition of what constitutes an “applicable large employer,” or ALE, can have a significant impact on how that enterprise must arrange for and cover the cost of health care coverage.  Be sure you know whether your organization qualifies as

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Benefits Blog: Technology-Based Enrollment

Open Enrollment generates enormous work for companies and some confusion and stress for workers hoping that their benefits choices for the coming year are the best ones for them and their families. Technology-based enrollment, however, can alleviate a sizeable portion

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Benefits Blog: Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment

Once a year, the floodgates fly open and a benefits bonanza begins.  It’s Open Enrollment, a slice of time when employers make benefits packages available to employees, who must then sift through options on the way to selecting the best

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Report Card: Filing the Form 5500 Annual Return

Data drives decisions.  Data reveals trends.  Data is the lifeblood of business and government.  And data provides the underpinning of one of an employer’s most important documents each year – the Form 5500 Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefits Plan. This

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Touchpoint: Preparing a Summary Plan Description (SPD)

Benefits packages represent a two-edged sword – they’re incredibly important in providing for and protecting yourself and your family, while they also can be rather challenging to read and fully understand. That’s why the U.S. Department of Labor requires employers

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Striking a Balance: Is a Section 125 Cafeteria Benefits Plan Right for You?

Balancing an employer’s desire to provide benefits with an employee’s need to secure them can be a challenge.  Factor in cost, tax obligations, and other variables, and the task becomes more daunting. Enter Section 125 plans, more commonly known as

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Clear and Credible: Developing a Benefits Communication Program

Employee benefits represent roughly a third of the typical individual’s total compensation package, so it’s in everyone’s interest that the terms, guidelines, and options inherent in those benefits are communicated clearly and with credibility. That’s the rationale for developing a

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