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Inside Job: Safeguarding Against Internal Cyber Threats

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University defines insider cyber threats as “the potential for an individual who has or had authorized access to an organization’s assets to use that access, either maliciously or unintentionally, to act in

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The Shadow Knows: Cyber Insurance Needed for Small Businesses Too

The major data breaches may get all the press – 150 million accounts exposed at Under Armour, 92 million at genealogy firm MyHeritage, 87 million at Facebook, and 145 million at Equifax, the largest U.S. credit bureau, revealing even Social

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Preparing for the Threat: Attitudes and Actions on Cybersecurity

  It shocks absolutely no one that cybersecurity remains a growing threat to businesses, large and small, and that breaches of that security have increased both in number and in the resulting financial impact.  What may be surprising, however, are

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An Endless Battle: Cyber Security Challenges On the Rise

As defenses and insurance coverages against cybercrime improve, so do the methods and the frequency of cybercriminals, it seems.  That only makes the battle more important than ever. The Insurance Information Institute reports that, according to 2018 Identity Fraud: Fraud Enters

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A Business Survival Issue: Cyber Security Coverage

Cybersecurity has crossed from being an IT issue to being a business issue, and 2018 promises to see a significant ratcheting up of cybersecurity coverage as a result. The growing cyber threat and stricter cybersecurity regulations will boost the growth

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Ransomware Insurance: Protection from Extortion Damages

Extortion is a nasty business.  It can be performed all too easily, though, if one is well-versed in the dark online arts. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that cyber criminals use to extort money from organizations all over

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No Immunity Against Cyber Attacks

The greatest deception is the one we play on ourselves.  That could never happen here, right?  I’m too small for anyone to bother hassling with me, don’t you think?  But that same self-deception opens the door to individuals and organizations

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Focus: Cybersecurity

  Periodically, The Reschini Group will focus on a particular topic related to Risk Management or Property and Casualty issues. This month, we focus on Cybersecurity. Read on, and be sure to check out the resources available through the links.

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Hack Attack: Guiding Parameters for Preparedness in Cyber Security

By The Reschini Group National Cyber Security Awareness Month reminds us that the need for constant vigilance and action against hackers and data breaches continues – in fact, it not only never ends, but it must be continuously updated as

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The Blind Side

  Protecting Yourself From Online Data Breaches By The Reschini Group Attacks can come from unexpected directions. A right-handed football quarterback, for instance, had better hope that the left side of his offensive line can block the onrushing defense; otherwise

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