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The Reschini Blog: Cyber Emergency Drills Build Vital Muscle Memory

From days spent in Kindergarten, right up until your most recent fire drill at the office, we have been conditioned to respond to emergencies through repetition.  Walk calmly to the nearest exit, gather in a pre-ordained spot, and account for

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The Reschini Blog: Cybercrime Impacts All Industries

Working in IT today is like running a marathon sprint. Not only do the digital professionals need to keep their systems and users running smoothly at a baseline level, they also need to stay up-to-date on new applications and software

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The Reschini Blog: Cyburgh Event Offers Cybersecurity Insight

The Reschini Group prides itself on offering pertinent, credible, practical guidance to its business customers regarding the constant threat of cyber crime.  With a presence in One Gateway Center in Downtown Pittsburgh, our firm remains connected to the city’s growing

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The Reschini Blog: The Ramifications of Ransomware

It’s one of the oldest plots in the movies.  A person or object of great value gets kidnapped.  A demand for money or some other form of tribute is demanded.  And either the ransom gets paid, or a rescue ensues. 

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Testing Cyber Security Systems

Cybercrime is set to cost companies more than $6 trillion per year by 2021.  That’s trillion, with a T.  Nobody wants to be in that pile.  That’s why testing your systems for cyber security makes a lot of sense. Three

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Back to Basics: Top Five Ways to Avoid a Cyber Attack

Hackers and digital saboteurs are here to stay.  But that doesn’t mean surrendering to their threats and actions.  Sometimes the best ways are the tried and true ones, and that is generally true when it comes to cybersecurity, as well.

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Unabated: Current Cybersecurity Trends

It’s such an obvious question, but one that bears repeating: Does your business have adequate contingency plans in the case of a cyberattack? From malware and loss of data to reputational damage, the fallout from an attack could harm your

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Not Quite Enough: General Liability Insufficient for Cyber Coverage

Take a look at your business’ general liability insurance policy, and you’ll probably see a reference to property damage.  To the uninitiated, that sounds like it covers a multitude of potential events – even an online hack or attack, right?

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Staying Safe: Five Tips to Greater Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity practices remain a key focus for both the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).   An article* in Forbes magazine summarizes five best practices cited by these organizations to mitigate the risk of

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It CAN Happen To You: Cybersecurity Claims Impacting All Levels of Business

The market for cybersecurity coverage remains competitive, and more business owners have decided to invest in insurance policies to protect from hackers and malware.  That’s the good news. But the risk still outweighs the precautions taken, according to insurance industry

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