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The Reschini Blog: Cybercrime Impacts All Industries

Working in IT today is like running a marathon sprint. Not only do the digital professionals need to keep their systems and users running smoothly at a baseline level, they also need to stay up-to-date on new applications and software

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The Reschini Blog: The Scope of Cybercrime

“Cybercriminals and certain foreign nations are not only at the door; they are inside our walls, and often have been for quite some time.  Defending our most valuable information should be of paramount importance for our citizens, businesses, and academic

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Unabated: Current Cybersecurity Trends

It’s such an obvious question, but one that bears repeating: Does your business have adequate contingency plans in the case of a cyberattack? From malware and loss of data to reputational damage, the fallout from an attack could harm your

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Not Quite Enough: General Liability Insufficient for Cyber Coverage

Take a look at your business’ general liability insurance policy, and you’ll probably see a reference to property damage.  To the uninitiated, that sounds like it covers a multitude of potential events – even an online hack or attack, right?

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Protecting Sensitive Data: Cyber Insurance for Real Estate Businesses

The process of selling and purchasing real estate can be arduous enough.  Think about all of the highly sensitive and personal data that gets revealed and transferred – financial statements, tax returns, Social Security numbers, and more. Then think of

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It CAN Happen To You: Cybersecurity Claims Impacting All Levels of Business

The market for cybersecurity coverage remains competitive, and more business owners have decided to invest in insurance policies to protect from hackers and malware.  That’s the good news. But the risk still outweighs the precautions taken, according to insurance industry

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