Filling Gaps: Errors & Omissions for Contractors

At first blush, the very term “general liability” might strike you as a big enough blanket to cover just about any ordinary event from a insurance standpoint.  After all, “general” is right there in the name, right?

Well, not so fast, friend.

A general liability policy does offer coverage of a fair scope of routine exposures, but not all.  For those who make their living as contractors to outside clients, additional coverage in the form of an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy many times makes financial sense.

An E&O policy for contractors covers the policyholder for negligent acts and omissions that may harm his or her clients. An E&O policy is also known as a professional liability insurance (PLI) policy, and is often deemed an essential coverage for professionals who provide a service for a fee.

For example, say a contractor did a substandard job installing equipment for a business client.  Under general liability coverage, it would be up to that contractor to replace the work at cost.  But with E&O coverage, the contractor’s insurance provider would be able to pay the claim, thereby saving the contractor those out-of-pocket costs.

E&O coverage fills a potentially significant financial gap for contractors.  A word of warning, however – it can be difficult to acquire this additional coverage if the contractor has been subject to similar issues with clients in the past.

It’s always a good idea to see where any possible gaps in your liability coverage may exist.  Talk with the professionals at The Reschini Group to learn more.

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