Safety Can Be Fleeting: Maintaining a Safe Fleet Program

Operating a fleet of vehicles remains a necessity for many businesses.  Drivers climb into cars and trucks every day, occasionally using multiple vehicles for differing purposes.  But do they know the expectations of their employers?  What kind of training and instruction have they received?  What are the rules about purchasing fuel?  Is personal usage ever permitted?  What about parking a company vehicle at their homes during non-working hours?

A consistent fleet safety program means not only cost savings, but also reduced liability, improved employee satisfaction, and enhanced safety performance.  While a program is best when tailored to the exact parameters of a specific business, here are some basic elements that every plan should include:

  • Secure and promote the support and commitment of all levels of management.
  • Issue written policies and procedures regarding all aspects of vehicle use related to the business, and ensure that all drivers have ongoing access to this information.
  • Create a roster of all drivers, including those who drive on behalf of the business using fleet vehicles, personal cars and trucks, and rented vehicles.
  • Screen and select drivers to create a reliable team of safe drivers as the key to ongoing fleet safety success.  Adhere to clear and detailed hiring standards.
  • Offer and record completion of training to all drivers, covering vehicles safety policies and procedures, including defensive driving.
  • Formalize schedules and record keeping related to vehicle inspections, repairs, and maintenance, to avoid costly breakdowns and accidents due to faulty equipment.
  • Manage drivers regularly, offering additional training where needed. Also manage accidents carefully to better understand areas of exposure and reduce the likelihood of future accidents.

The professionals at The Reschini Group can help your organization get a fleet safety program in place that works for your specific needs.  Contact us to talk more about this important consideration.

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