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Session 1: CNA Aging Services 2016 Claim Report: Using Evidence to Achieve Excellence: Engage, Lead, Succeed, Objectives: Review key elements of the 2016 Aging Services Claim Report Highlight benefits of incorporating lessons learned discussed in the   report Demonstrate how to add the Aging Services Claim Report to your arsenal of marketing tools; Session 2: Work Comp Trends in the Healthcare Industry: Recent Claims Trends and How to Avoid Them, Objectives: Statistical Look at Live Claim Data Preventative measures to reduce claims activity and impact Identify the options available from your insurance professionals to assist with workplace injury reduction; Session 3: CNA Mergers and Acquisitions: Keys to a Successful Integration, Objectives: Review current healthcare industry trends to enhance current knowledge of merger and acquisition transactions. Identify potential exposures and risk implications of merger and acquisition transactions for healthcare organizations. Utilize the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to manage the merger and acquisition (M&A) integration process.