Easy Money

Establishing A Workplace Safety Committee

By Mike Drew, The Reschini Group

“Click here for a free vase,” the florist’s website declares.

“Refer a friend and get a free month’s rental,” advertises the storage shed provider.

“Buy one-get one free,” the supermarket tells its customers.

Found money.  Available money.  Easy money, in all instances.

The same holds true for oil and gas companies – any company, actually – that establish a

easy money

workplace safety committee.  When this simple step gets taken, it yields a 5% discount on Workers Compensation coverage.

For such a straightforward decision, the savings can be significant.  Few businesses today can afford to pass on any available savings.  A 5% discount means dollars saved that can be used elsewhere, as needs determine.

Establishing a new workplace safety committee can be done quickly and easily.  The same can be said for companies who had once had a committee in place, and who want to reinstitute and reconstitute one now.

These committees are a proven and effective way to promote safe practices in the workplace.  They can increase awareness, boost enthusiasm, and provide employee ownership of safety and health while reducing accidents. The creation of a workplace safety committee, and its ongoing performance, represents a win-win for both employers and employees.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, in its Workplace Safety Committee Technical Assistance Manual, validated this when it stated, “Effective workplace safety committees are a proven tool in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, as well as producing significant savings for employees.”

The Reschini Group and its Safety Consultants, trained at the Safety Sciences Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, stands apart from other insurance brokers and providers by offering advice and counsel to all clients on establishing workplace safety committees.  Contact us to learn more.

The 5% discount on Workers Compensation coverage would be reason enough.  Easy money, yours for the taking.  But the greater – and much more meaningful – savings can be realized in ensuring a higher standard of safety and health for all employees.

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