Clear and Credible: Developing a Benefits Communication Program

Employee benefits represent roughly a third of the typical individual’s total compensation package, so it’s in everyone’s interest that the terms, guidelines, and options inherent in those benefits are communicated clearly and with credibility.

That’s the rationale for developing a well-crafted, consistently executed benefits communication program. Achieving this can take time and careful planning. Here are some tips and best practices to streamline the path to success:

  • Know what benefits your organization provides and how they work.
  • Ask how your employees feel about your benefits program.
  • Keep employees and beneficiaries informed of changes to their benefits, and explain confusing terms and features of the plans.
  • Develop a communication plan, including a timeline, budget, and list of resources or employees to be involved.
  • Decide what type of communication will be most appropriate for relaying messages to employees.
  • Sell your communication plan to your manager by defining the benefits associated with the elimination of employee confusion about their benefits.
  • Set measurable objectives for how much money and time your communication plan will save.
  • Prioritize compliance with government regulations and clarification of complicated issues, procedures, and terms.
  • Prepare the communication plan to fit corporate objectives and employee needs.
  • Target segments of employees who would benefit most from specific features of a benefit by sending tailored communications.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your communication plan through employee surveys, and revise as warranted.

The time and resources devoted to researching, building, and following through on a solid benefits communication plan can prevent confusion, delays, lost productivity, and even impact bottom-line financial results. It is well worth the effort, and can yield important returns to your organization.

The Benefits team at The Reschini Group has more information on this subject, and is ready to help your business develop an effective benefits communication plan.

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