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Restricting the Flow: Cyber Attacks Impact Supply Chain

Cyber threats have the potential to impact all facets of the supply chain. An attack against the Colonial Pipeline in the U.S. in May 2020 illustrated how vulnerable critical infrastructure can be as an attractive target for cybercriminals and even

Rates Held Ransom: Increased Breaches Impacting Coverage Terms

As instances and the scope of ransomware events, and losses associated with them, continue to increase, some insurers are tightening their standards in providing cybersecurity coverage. According to industry experts, insurers are restricting capacity and implementing increases in premiums to

Unsafe at Home: The Heightened Cyber Risk of At-Home Workers

Two years ago, employees across the country and around the world collaborated with their employers to establish ways they could perform their job duties while working from home.  Today, the urgent need for home-based workers has receded, but the popularity

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Time Is Money: Results from Latest ‘Cost of a Data Breach’ Report

A data breach creates all sorts of havoc, including significant financial costs.  That’s hardly new information.  But what those costs actually total does make news, as captured in the 2020 “Cost of a Data Breach” report, compiled by the Ponemon

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Cover Your Bases: Lack of Controls May Limit Cyber Insurance Access

Feeling lucky?  Like to gamble? It’s one thing to play a small-potatoes hunch on your smartphone as you watch your favorite professional team on television.  It’s quite another to risk your entire business enterprise on something that never needed to

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The Reschini Blog: Cyber Emergency Drills Build Vital Muscle Memory

From days spent in Kindergarten, right up until your most recent fire drill at the office, we have been conditioned to respond to emergencies through repetition.  Walk calmly to the nearest exit, gather in a pre-ordained spot, and account for

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The Reschini Blog: Slow Hackers Down with MFA

When a skilled hacker has the means, the motive, and the opportunity to break into your cyber system and wreak havoc, not much can stop or slow that person down.  With one exception – multi-factor authentication, or MFA. The only

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The Reschini Blog: How to Avoid Being Zoom-Bombed

In the age of COVID-19, platforms like Zoom, Skype, Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx have been lifesavers for businesses, schools, and families.  But, regrettably, the emergence and widespread adoption of these wonderful tools have also enabled the rise of

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The Reschini Blog: Cybercrime Impacts All Industries

Working in IT today is like running a marathon sprint. Not only do the digital professionals need to keep their systems and users running smoothly at a baseline level, they also need to stay up-to-date on new applications and software

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