Benefits Blog: Be a Smart Health Care Consumer

They used to say there were only two sure things in life – death and taxes.  But another sure thing could be added today – rising health care costs.

That makes it imperative for every individual to become a smarter consumer of health care, by taking charge of your care and coverage, asking more questions, and doing more independent research.  Here are some specific steps:

Control out-of-pocket health care costs by carefully reviewing your health insurance plan options and selecting the ones that best meet the needs of you and your family.  Those needing more chronic care and medications may want to choose a lower deductible plan, while those younger and healthier needing less care could potentially get by with a higher deductible option.

Assert your rights as a patient and ask more questions of your doctor and pharmacist, such as:

  • Why is this treatment necessary?
  • How much will this treatment cost?
  • Are there equally effective options that cost less?
  • What is the current procedural terminology (CRT) code for this treatment, so that I can comparison shop my options?
  • How can I improve my condition?
  • Why are you suggesting this specific dosage?
  • Is this prescription on my insurance plan’s approved list, or is this a specialty drug?
  • Can you recommend a lower-cost or generic substitute?

Make every effort to choose in-network doctors when possible.  Health care providers within your plan’s network typically cost less than those out-of-network.  When selecting a plan, make sure your preferred doctors and hospitals are within the plan’s approved network.

Seek outpatient care when available, without sacrificing quality of care.  By avoiding being admitted to the hospital, the cost of your care goes down significantly.  Only select an outpatient option when the proper level of care can still be provided.

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