All Well and Good: Fashioning an Effective Wellness Program

A wellness program assists employees and family members in making voluntary behavior changes that reduce their health risks and enhance their individual productivity. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to perform well when they are in optimal health. The following are benefits of implementing a wellness program:

  • Lower health care costs, due to a healthier workforce and improved disease management
  • Enhanced recruiting by attracting the most talented workers
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved on-the-job time utilization, decision making and productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduction in turnover

Because wellness programs must comply with state and federal law, legal review should precede a program’s introduction to employees.

The Wellness Council of America identifies these best practices for a successful workplace wellness program:

  1. Create committed and aligned leadership. A commitment from the top is key to the success of any wellness initiative, including commitment of adequate funding.
  2. Foster collaboration in support of wellness. Wellness teams should include a variety of people from all levels of your company.
  3. Collect meaningful data that will drive your health initiatives and wellness strategy. This may involve conducting a survey of employee interest in various health initiatives, health risk assessments, and claims analysis.
  4. Craft an operating plan. An annual operating plan is important for your program’s success and should include a mission statement along with specific, measurable short- and long-term goals and objectives.
  5. Choose appropriate health initiatives that support the whole employee. The health initiatives that you choose should flow naturally from your data, and support your goals and objectives.
  6. Create a supportive environment, policies and practices. A supportive environment provides employees with encouragement, opportunity and rewards.
  7. Conduct evaluations, communicate, celebrate and iterate. This allows you to celebrate goals achieved and to discontinue or change ineffective initiatives.

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