A Driving Force: Selecting Safe Drivers for Your Business

Anyone behind the wheel – for any purpose, whether the employer or employee owns, rents, or leases the vehicle – during work hours is considered a driver for the company.  It remains imperative, then, for employers to do everything possible to ensure that every driver operates those vehicles safely, to limit liability and losses.

Those individuals hired as drivers are easy to identify, of course.  The occasional driver, though, can easily be overlooked as companies consider the risks associated with their fleets.

Safe drivers translate into savings related to losses.  The National Safety Council confirms that the cost of losses related to vehicle accidents can be substantial.

Safe drivers mean lower liability in case of loss.  Screening, training, and monitoring performance comes heavily into play here.

Safe drivers also can burnish your image with customers and the general public.  Vehicles are visibly unavoidable on the highway.  As a visual representation of an organization, drivers operating those vehicles safely and smartly can tell a positive story about the company they represent.

Some general tips for hiring safe drivers include:

  • Establish and clearly communicate a set of consistent standards for all drivers.
  • Spend the time to accurately verify and validate the employee’s work history and safety record.
  • Conduct thorough background checks.
  • Retrieve and evaluate motor vehicle records (MVRs) for any past violations.
  • Put the employee through driving-related tests, both written and on-road.
  • Verify any special certifications related to the ability and authorization to operate certain vehicle classifications.
  • Be sure that all applicable commercial vehicle driver qualification rules have been met and documented.

The professionals at The Reschini Group can help your organization get a fleet safety program in place that works for your specific needs.  Contact us to talk more about this important consideration.

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